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Partial Views in asp.net mvc are just like web user controls in asp.net web form. There are two types of views we have at any web page.

1. Static Views:Views whose layout not changed i.e header, footer, navigation bar etc.

2. Dynamic Views: Views whose contents can changed accordingly , just like shopping cart where number of product can be changed.

Way to create static Views: ASP.NET MVC provides two inbuilt html helper method to create partial views.

1. @Html.RenderPartial : Provide simple Html Markup which we have given in our partial view.

2.@Html.Partial : This helper method return MvcHtmlString , who can be modified.

Now let’s see that how we can create static view using @Html.RenderPartial Html Helper method .

Step 1: Go to File > New > Project > ASP.NET Web Application (under web) > Entry Application Name > Click OK > Select Empty template > Checked MVC (under “Add folders and core references for” option) > OK

Step 2: Right click on shared folder–>add view ->select partial view checkbox and write following html markup


Step 3: I want to add this partial view in layout.cshtml so that I removed predefined html header portion and please place following code in place of old code.





Now let’s see that how we can create static view using @Html.Partial Html Helper method

Step1. Follow Step1 and Step 2 and write following code into Layout.cshtml (Remove Old written Code)


var headerdata = Html.Partial("_header");
headerdata = new MvcHtmlString(headerdata + "

“); } @headerdata