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žIt is officially introduced in March , 2017.

žIt is just introduced after angular 2.

žAngular 3 was not introduced by google due to some version conflicts.

žAngular 5 may be introduced in month of Sep/Oct 2017.

New Features of Angular 4

žReduced Complition process due to improvment of View Engine – Compilation done at build time.

žanimation code from @angular/core has been removed,if we require this we have to add another angularpackage named @angular /platform-browser/animations.

žNg if and ng for have some improvement like ng-if now have else part.

<div *ngIf=“users.length > 0; else empty”><h2>Students</h2></div> <ng-template #empty><h2>No Students.</h2></ng-template>


žTypeScript 2.1 and 2.2 compatibility that impove speed of code execution- followed rules of ES6.

žA new validator named email is also added to

validate email.

Note: required, minLength,  maxLength and pattern are old validators supported by angular older versions.

oAngular Universal :Universal, the project that allows developers to run Angular on a server, is now up to date with Angular again.