RxJs observable operators like filter , of, from , timer,interval, repeat

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RxJS operators for Observable emitted values


Emit only those observable values which match with the filter condition.

Example: In below example, we use range and filter together, range operator is using to generate sequential values from 0 to100 and filter operator accept range operator output value and filter according to specified condition (values must be completely divisible to 5). So this code will generate values from 0 to 100 which are divisible by 5 only. Subscribe method is used to display observable output on the console.

From :

From is used to create observable from another object who generate multiple values like array object.


In this example, array1 items are read by observable.


create an Observable that emits a sequence of integers spaced by a given time interval.

Example :

here I am taking only 10 integer sequence with the help of RxJS take the operator


of operator of RxJS is used only to generate single item only.

Example :


Repeat operator in angular is used to repeat observable output values.


Timer :

First value after 1/2 second, other sequence value after 1 second.

Buffer :

buffer operator is used to showing values together, a buffer may not be applied on observable, we have to use with other rxjs operators like a timer.



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