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Introduction of typescript 3.0 and new features of typescript 3.0

typescript 3.0 unveiled by Microsoft. Typescript is an open source which is a superset of javascript. Various new features are introduced in typescript 3.0 which makes easy developer efforts to handle the complex issues. In this blog I brief about new features introduced by newbie of Microsoft.

1. Project references: Using this new feature of javascript we can take reference of one project into another project using the tsconfig.json file. we manage various kind of business logic like view or UI generation code, database handling code, services etc in different directories which may export and import in other projects which enhance the code reusability. It means one project code work as a library for other projects where It has been imported.

2. — build: This command may be executed using tsc –build for building the complete project. There is the various mode of rebuilding like dry, clean, verbose, force.

3. Tuple type with REST parameters: Now REST parameters may be written using tuple types. For example below are two ways to write functions with tuple type and both are the semantically same declaration.

declare function foo(…args: [string, number, boolean]): void;

declare function foo(args_0: string, args_1: number, args_2: boolean): void;

4. REST parameters as generic types :  This enables higher-order capturing and spreading of partial parameter lists.

5. New datatype 'Unknown': typescript 3.0 introduced new data type 'Unknown'. Unknown is the least capable type of typescript3.0.