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Ways to set up Angular 4

1.You can install it manually by hand

2.You can use the Angular-CLI (Command Line Interface) to install it for you

3.You can upgrade an Angular 2 project to an Angular 4 project

4.You can clone an Angular 4 project at Github.

dependencies installATION

1.Node.js with NPM (Node Package Manager)

2.Angular-CLI (Command Line Interface)

Check Node js installation

  • Open CMD and Type node –version


qCheck Angular CLI installation

  • ng –v

qCheck NPM version

  • npm –version

Note: Node JS version above 6.9 is required.

  • The minimum required npmversion is 3.x.x and the node version is 4.x.x.
  • Installation angular cli(After installation of nodejs)

Note : Please ensure that git.exe package must be pre-installed in your system otherwise following command will not work.if it is not installed then you may download it from 


Download and install GitExe file.

npm install –g angular-cli

(To install angular-cli for all projects of your system)

žCreate a folder in your any drive where you want to create a folder(here is myproject folder)

CD command to go in that folder

  • Cd myproject

Write above command to create all files of angular4

  • ng new myprojectfiles

This command add all angular 4 related files.

Write above command to run project

ng serve –open

This command open browser and run your angular 4 application at localhost:4200(default port)