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What’s new in Angular in Version 7, Final production release:

Angular 7.0.0. finally, release here. This release incorporated the latest synchronized version of the angular material, core framework, and CLI. Angular 7.0.0. production release a better feature support for mobile and desktop applications. This version also makes updates in angular dependency injection. Following are the updates in angular dependencies :

Angular core dependencies updates in

  • TypeScript 3.1
  • RxJS 6.3
  • @angular/platform-server now depends on Domino 2.1


How to update the current angular version to angular 7

Following the update, the command is similar as angular 6 update command but updates are very much faster then angular 6.

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

What is new in Angular 7

New CLI Capability:

With the improved CLI Prompts capability, which helps developers to make the decision. ng New commands ask users for routing and CSS styles types(SCSS) and askng add @angular/material users asks for themes and gestures or animations.


Angular 7 improved application performance: 

During production or build angular application reflect-metadata added in production build which is required only at the time of app development which is the cause of performance degradation. Now reflect-metadata has been removed from angular v7 at the production level. This reflect-metadata has been removed from polyfill.ts

Improved Angular Material and CDK

New features like virtual scrolling, dynamically loading and unloading parts of the DOM  which are improved the traversing the large list of data. A new feature of drag and drop DOM elements also added into angular v7.

Production bundle budget notification to developers or users

When we build and having the ready production build then angular warn to users about exceed app size to 2MB and generate the error if 5MB exceeds.

New DoBootstrap lifecycle hook

new interface ngDoBootstrap added in lifecycle hook.

Angular Elements

content projection using web standards added in angular v7 for custom elements.

Bug Fixes

bazel: add additional parameters to ts_api_guardian_test.