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angularjs form select with examples

angularjs provides support for html form control. As we know that form are used for CRUD web activities so it is necessary to use angularjs for forms.

In forms angularjs validation can also perform. Angularjs form validation is very much easy process. In this blog, I also take angularjs validation example to understand whole concepts. Let’s begin with basic form elements use in angular.

element to the scope model you need to

use the ng-model directive as follows.


for demo click here

When we select any element in above angular select element, emp.country model is automatically binded, no extra line of code is required.

Note: In this above code one problem is raised that one empty option is automatically added into angular dropdown , it means at page load select element is likely shown as empty select element.

This problem is happening because of $scope.emp.country doesn’t have matching option. To overcome from this problem we must have an empty option with caption like.

Complete Code for it is following:



Above example was static populate options using angular ng-options, now we will see that how we can populate options using angular ng-options. It is useful when we are interested to populate option using any server side programming or web api etc.As we are learning client side technology so I am going to use any server side programming, I am just taking scope model array and populate option via array elements.



for live demo click here

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