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Using angular, we can easily bind checkbox in scope model. When user checked checkbox then model property will be true or false when unchecked. Using ng-model we can bind model property.

Example :




Above example will execute and show true in span tag when user check checkbox true and otherwise false. Honestly say it is very simple example and now I want to demonstrate a practical example for real time web apps.

ng-true-value and ng-false-value:

When we want that checkbox model property should be populating with different values rather than true or false. In that condition we can populate model property (via custom constant values) using ng-true-value (when checkbox checked) and ng-false-value (when checkbox unchecked)

Your visited: {{visits.state}}
Question: Is this belong to( Country) {{visits.country}}
Probable Answer:{{visits.selected}}
Annser: {{visited.selected}}


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