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Directives can be used in four ways

  • As elements: <hello-world></hello-world >
  • As attributes: <input type=”text” hello-world />
  • As classes: <input type=”text” class=”hello-world”/>
  • As comments : <!–directive: hello-world –>

Usually we use directives as elements and attributes. Let’s see that how we can create directives using an example

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">



    <script src="Scripts/angular.js"></script>


        angular.module("myApp", []).directive("helloWorld", function () {

            return {

                restrict: 'AEC',

                replace: true,

                template: '<h3>Hi Dear Hello World</h3>'







<body ng-app="myApp">


    <div hello:world></div>



In above example we created a angular module named “myApp” in html body tag and getting its reference into <script></script>. Here I am not briefing about angular modules we will discuss it later. First Argument of angular.module is module name and other argument denote module dependencies. After it we are calling a directive method which is used to create custom directives.In this method first argument is custom directive name and second argument is callback function which is returning a custom directive object.Now we will discuss about object values.

Restrict: this parameter is shows that how How we can use this directive as (A-Attribute, E-Element, C-Class).  We can skip any parameter if required.

Replace: this parameter shows that that html tag should be replaced or works as parent element.

Two values are possible.

  1. True: Its means that html element should be replaced with custom directive template.
  2. False: Its means that directive should be placed as child element

Template: It is compulsory argument which is adding custom html markup(here <h3>Hi Dear Hello World</h3>) here we can also place any other html file also .

Output :

Hi Dear Hello World

Hi Dear Hello World

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