node module exports : how to import custom modules into another JS file

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Define and using Modules: node module export or import

The module in the node is a simple JavaScript library where we write some variable and functions. in this tutorial, I am going to discuss that how we can define the module and import the module in another module. All application logic encapsulated into modules. A module is a simple javascript file which may be imported into another js file. In this example, we will create a simple module named “mymodule” and import into another js file.


Step1: Create a new node project folder and package.json using npm init command.

Above command will ask some names and creates package.json file.

Step 2: Create a new module and add the following code into it.

In the above code, we have written a public method and public variables which are accessible in another JS file or main file “index.js” due to exports keyword.

Step 3 : Create new file index.js and add the following code into that

in this code, we have used require  function to import the custom module into the current file. Using require we have created an object of the custom module.

Step 4:  Run program and see output

Output: node module exports


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