Node and express setup in visual studio code | Angular | ASP.NET Tutorials

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Installation and verification of NODE

  1. Installation of NODE JS

https://nodejs.org/en/download/   (Website URL to install Node JS)

2. Check NODE installation

Write Following command in command prompt

  •                           node -v( It will show version of the installed nodejs)
  •                           npm –version  (It will show version of the installed NPM(node package manager)

3. Steps to run NODE APP

  • First, create a new directory in any drive and open that into vs code
  • Create the new file with extension js(here myapp.js) and add some JS code.
  • Run using node myapp.js

4. steps to setup and run EXPRESS

  • First, create a new directory in existing directory and install express globally
  • npm install -g express-generator
  • Create new directory Using express myexpress
  • Move to the new directory using cd command
  • Install NPM using npm command
  • npm install
  • Write following command in the terminal in order to run Express application in VS code
  • npm start
  • Open Browser and Write following URL to see the output.
  • http://localhost:3000