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Understanding docker

What is Virtualization

Virtualization is the way of exposing a part of a physical machine as a logical or virtual machine that works enough like an original machine that supports the installation of complete operating systems, filesystems, and all the softwares that run on the operating system.

 What is docker

  • Docker is a OS level virtualization containers software.
  • Docker is an open-source and which is  first released in the year 2013
  • Docker is used to running software packages called containers. Containers may have size 50 MB to 90 MB. In the case of docker containers, all the guest operating system files do not load in containers; that is why the size of containers is small compared to the complete operating system. All the containers operating system images use the kernel of the host operating system.
  • Docker is used to deploying and running distributed applications without launching an entire virtual machine for each application.
  • To understand this OS-level virtualization container software, we have to understand virtualization, the virtualization core concepts, how virtualization is working on the host operating system, etc. If you ever downloaded oracle VirtualBox, you have seen that we first install the VirtualBox in our operating system, and we can host multiple operating systems in VirtualBox over the host operating system.
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