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.Net Core REST API Online Training

.Net Core REST API Online Training

Mr. Roy Fielding, the originator of the REST concept, perceives while using the HTTP protocol you can also use HTTP to work with data stored in a database.  REST uses HTTP to serve data instead of web pages. For .NET developers, .net core Web API is the way to create REST services. Web API is an adapted version of ASP.NET MVC specifically designed for REST. On the web, the URL decides what the server will do. In ASP.NET Core you will find the End-point Routing Middleware. A solid understanding of this middleware is required to build applications with ASP.NET Core.Generally, in WebAPI we will use JSON as the serialization format. But how can we efficiently convert an object into JSON, 

Syllabus of REST API Training

  1.  WEB API/REST API Introduction and Implementation

  • What & Why API?
  • Why API?
  • What is Rest?
  • Action Vs Nouns
  • Web API routing
  • CURL Utility/Post Man
  • Content Negotiation (XML/JSON)
  • Circular Reference Problem
  • Http Response Messages
  • Standard Http Status Code
  • IHttpActionResult
  • Model Binding
  • CURD(J Query, Web API & Entity Framework)

    2. Fundamental of Web API and HTTP

  • Introduction to HTTP
  • What and Why is Service?
  • Options to Develop the Service.
  • What is Web API?
  • What is REST?
  • Anatomy of and Http Request
  • HTTP Methods & Codes.

3. Resource Manipulation in Web API

  • What is Resource?
  • Action Vs. Resource
  • Introduction to Entity Framework Core
  • Configuring EF Core.
  • Creating Resource
  • Data Transfer Objects and Auto mapper.
  • Updating Resource
  • Deleting Resource
  • Posting Files from Web API
  • Http Patch and JSON Patch
  • Pagination
  • Entity Core Entity Relations
  • Background Tasks with Entity Framework Core

4. Security in Web API Core

  • Introduction to Security
  • Configuring Identity
  • Generating Json Web Tokens
  • Roles in Identity
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Encryption
  • Hashing

5. Implementation of WEB API using client libraries

  • CRUD using JQUERY
  • CRUD Using Angular 12

6. Documenting of web API

  • What is OpenAPI / Swagger?
  • Documenting Your First API with OpenAPI / Swagger
  • Using and Overriding Conventions for OpenAPI Generation
  • Generating OpenAPI Specifications for Advanced Input and Output Scenarios
  • Dealing with Different Versions and Protecting the Documentation
  • Improving Your Documentation with Advanced Customization

7. Querying API

  • Starting with GraphQL
  • Creating a GraphQL API
  • Consuming a GraphQL API
  • Mutating Data with GraphQL
  • Working with Subscriptions

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