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Group Join in LINQ with example

Group Join: A group join can produce a grouped hierarchical result where items in the second sequence are matched to items in the first sequence. Unlike the previous inner join, the output of a group join can be organized hierarchically with PublicReviews grouped into...

Inner Joins in LINQ with example

Joins in LINQ Join clause: Join take two inputs compare and join them and gives single output sequence. As it compares two input sequence so that It is necessary that both inputs should have some common values. To check equability LINQ uses equals method. Join Types:...

Deferred execution in LINQ

The Most of LINQ query operators do not execute immediately,  their execution is deferred to a later time in the program execution. It  means that the query does not execute when it is created, but when it is used or enumerated. Mean of Deferred execution is that the...
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